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WUBOX IFH International Championship 2024

CV Judge Karin Strecher Austria

CV Judge Bettina Mathews Germany

The 2024 WUBOX IFH Championship, organized by the AFB (Association Française du Boxer) and hosted by Le Club Bordelais, will take place from November 9th to 11th in Blagon in Gironde/France.

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WUBOX IFH International Championship 2024 | Facebook

Registration is now open! Registration office: boxerclub@chello.at

Pre-registration form for WUBOX member countries, deadline 27 September 2024

Registration form for wildcards from countries not belonging to WUBOX, registration deadline 27 September 2024

Registration form for individual participants from WUBOX member countries, registration deadline October 12, 2024



WUBOX IFH International Championship 2023

The WUBOX IFH Championship 2023, organized and hosted by the National Boxer Club of Spain (CNBE) in cooperation with the BK Munich, will take place from November 10th to 12th in Biosca/Spain.

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Photo award ceremony IGP FH

Photo award ceremony IFH-2

Photo award ceremony IFH-1











WUBOX IFH International Championship 2022

The WUBOX IFH Championship 2022, organized by the Boxer Club D`Italia and hosted by CinoSport Verona, will take place in Ronco 'all Adige from November 4th to 6th.

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International Championship 2021

The WUBOX IFH Championship 2021, organized by the ÖBK Austrian Boxer Club and hosted by the ÖRV Austrian Dog Club, will take place from November 12th to 14th, in Gresten / Lower Austria.